Friday, February 10, 2012

Still making it, but sometimes wonder how:)

Well we have settled in with mother, this week has been a hard one, it is hard to believe what a UTI Infection does in the brain of the elderly, and they are commonSad smile I knew Monday something was not right, mother was too agitated and cursed, which she never does.  Kay took her to Dr. Tuesday and just like I thought she had a UTI, just beginning, started on antibiotic, she has not slept at night all week so I am looking forward to having a caregiver tomorrow night till Tuesday so I can sleep at nightSmile Plus I need to clean her carpet so on MOnday she goes to Kay and I will have the house to myself to clean, mother is OCD on anything that is not clean or straight, so I am constantly cleaning. I do like a clean house but never this cleanSmile  Tonight she was back to her normal sweet self.  I just cannot understand how it can affect her personality so much but it does, she never argues are fuses at me, but nothing pleased her. She was mad when I had to leave, just could not understand, so it makes it hard.  Wednesday night Hannah and her family came for the night, mother did enjoy seeing the grandbabiesDSCN9145DSCN9146DSCN9147DSCN9152DSCN9153  Jenn came over for a little while with her girls, so mother got lots of good shugs and hugs, it was a PJ day for us Thursday, Hannah had to take the three younger one’s to Dr. and get shotsSad smile They slept in the camper and the kids loved it, I was glad to see them all, it had been awhile since I had seen my Luke manDSCN9148DSCN9149DSCN9150DSCN9151 he is crawling everywhere!! Then we got the call that Jill was being admitted in the hospital for preeclampsia, which worried me, Amelia was born at 34 weeks, so Jill is home now and resting, which is not easy with a three year old, but we are all going to help so we can keep Sydney in the tummy for a little longer, they did start with steroid shots;( so keep them in your prayers.

There have been days that I think this is too hard with mother, but that is usually when I am going on very little sleep, then God gives me fresh grace and strength to do it, I am thankful tonight has been a peaceful night, mother is more her self and already in bed, I am on my way to bed too, I do good to get four straight hours of sleep, I have a 18 year old Cali dog, dashound Mini, that wakes me up when mother doesn’t, she is almost blind and deaf, I am thinking of having her put to sleep, I do not want to but not sure I can do her and mother, will be very hard and sad for me if I have to do that.  Cali has allergy's and I cannot keep getting her shots the vet says they are bad for her, so she itches and scratches at night then gets up to be let outSad smile Mother is getting up twice and wakes up early like 4ish stays up for a hour or so then lays back down, she piddles in her room, I listen on a monitor, so no rest this week.  Work has been crazy too, but I love being busy and writing offers and closing loansSmile Keep my family I in your prayers, Gavin will have eye surgery this next week, Jill resting, mother UTI ( urinary tract infection) God has been faithful and I know will continue to be, Had lunch with Bill and Larry Brown this week, Keep Larry in your prayers as he battles bone cancer, he is doing real goodSmilebill and larryI have known Bill since tenth grade, I had a crush on him, he did not give me the time of day thenSad smile I hope to be working with him in real estate soon, not sure I can handle Bill and Steve in real estate, there is no telling what the two of them could do in selling!!  Bill lived with Steve and I when we first married, he is Alicia’s God Father. We laughed through out our lunch, he and Larry are a hoot! Larry was married to Steve’s sister Pat for 20 plus years, since they have both remarried. Tomorrow we have Cole’s third birthday and Mika’s second birthday party, Jenn is doing them both at her house as one party, will be fun, then I am going to my friend Sherry’s house to spend the night so I can sleep, sleep, sleep, Steve will go with me, April will be here with mother, I could not do this without wonderful care givers, they help so much. Even if I do not work and was home, it would be to much for me, I am not sure how people take care of someone 24/7.  Mother senses if your frustrated or tense so I give it my all to always be patient with her and smile a lot, we do laugh a lot when she is at her self, and tonight was one of those laughing nights, I am so thankful!!! hugs and nite

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