Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crazy Times

Oh my this week has been crazy!! I meet my self coming and going, started with  church Sunday which was wonderful, got to go to Jill’s on Monday, was able to help her and have a sweet time with AmeliaSmilethen work, I am very busy brokering agents and doing my own business, woke up with Migraine on Tuesday, tried to go to sales meeting but had to come home and go to bedSad smile then it let up, and I was able to finish my day.  Could not sleep well last night with mother, I still miss a lot of sleep, but am getting use to it I guess, I try to catch up on the nights I have care givers and if I need it then I have one of them spend a extra night so I can sleep.  I worked all day today, then got a call Alexandria had a wreck, Alicia is in broker school in which she cannot leave or miss, she was so upset, but Steve and I got there and we knew she was ok, just banged up, a guy rear ended her going pretty fast, so she took a good hit, I took her to Dr. Varley , he was able to help her and will see her through this.  She has such a tight schedule to keep with school, cheer and dance, so pray she gets feeling better soon.  Then had to meet a buyer, and then came home, it was over whelming tonight with mother, but God’s grace came through and things settled down with her and we had some good tie to just sit, which I neededSmile Not use to cooking every nightSad smile but try to have meal time sitting down at table with her and keep her schedule the same.  It makes it easier.  Tomorrow Jimmy Buffett is here, I sold my tickets, I did not want to fight the crowd and I thought I may be needed at Jill’s, but he mother is coming in town, I know that will help her feel better immedialty, she has a sweet mother that she is very close to , her best friendSmile Jill will see Dr. tomorrow she is 35 weeks now, so if she can go one more then maybe Sydney will not have to go to NCIUSmile so pray for her too.  Sean has had a hard time getting through all this in his marriage, they will be divorced next week, it is so sad to me, I have prayed and prayed but know God is in control and trust him.  Sean is doing better now and coping with it all. I pray for Cole’s sake he and Sarah will be able to be kind to each other and get along.  His daughter Anna is growing so much, she is just such a young ladySmile I hope to see them both soon, we have miss Peyton’s birthday party this Saturday, so will post pics when I do them!! She is excited. Well tomorrow will be a Linda Lou Averitt time for the afternoon and FridaySmile Can not wait! May just have to do a massage.  Best run and get to bed, and pray mother does.  hugs and nite

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