Saturday, February 18, 2012

ON the up and up:)

This week has been a great week even with being sick and mother not sleeping real good, I have a remedy for thatSmile of course it means me sleeping with her, but if that is what it takes to get some sleep, a desperate person will do anything for some rest at nightSmile  So remember the days when I would bring home my new baby, you just go on auto mode due to lack of sleep.  I am excited that Jill is doing so much better with her blood pressure and PG, Baby Sydney is five pounds now, so if she comes she should be ok. Jill is still on bed rest and will probably remain there a few more weeks.  Gavin had his surgery and it was good news on his eye ball, it looks good, his retinia is gone but I pray they can do a transplant, they sewed the eye lid shut for it to heal, he sure has been in a lot of pain, such a trooper, he is being so strong going through this, keep his family and him in your payers.

Work has been hectic getting loans closed, there are problems on all of them so its like putting out fires all day long! Which is stressful part if my job.  People have the ideal Real Estate is just showing property, that is part of it but there is so so much more.  But I do have to say I love the challenge of it, I got a call  today from a young man, whose father past away, he  had depression form his father’s death and is behind in his payments about to lose his home, the mtg. company gives him the run around, so that is what gets me caught up in doing a short sell for someone, to help relieve them of the burden of the debt around their shoulders, most public do not know how to deal with mtg. companies or what is available to them, this young man wants to keep his home, I pray I can help him do that.  I will get ticked at his mtg. company and frustrated with it all and probably say this is it, think of calling the President, say this is the last one I will do, then I get that call and do it all over againSmile Why? because I love my job and helping people, that is meSmile, what I love about my work.

This week I have had a sinus infection with complete nasal block and a cough that keeps you up at night, it is better, Wed. I stayed in all day and slept and worked from home in my PJ’s on computer work on my listings, today I am at condo, I need time to be away form mother, as much as I love her I cannot do it all the time.  I am so grateful for the help I have, without it she would have to be in a nursing home.  Kay is suppose to get her Sunday night and Monday so then I will be home with just Steve, I hope to unpack the office where I have moved everything to keep it out of sight, mother does not like clutter. I plan on cleaning the carpet in her room, my room and rugs in living room, unpacking some of her things she will enjoy. It is still hard to believe that her home has sold, it all happens so fast, in this market that is a miracle from the Lord.  I knew God would show me His timing and He did!  Well going to continue to rest today and be ready for church tomorrow and work when it comes!! Got some good buyers, need more homes to list, so if you know anyone moving please refer them to me!! Hugs

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