Friday, December 16, 2011

Tired but fulfilled!

All id going well at my home, Steve is doing great and the house is all Christmas, I love, love, love this time of year, the Christmas music brings peace, I love singing about the Lord.  I have shown property this week, listed some and closed a loanSmile Been with mother, last night she was having difficulty breathing and coughing so much, I thought at one time I may take her to ER because she could not get her breath, I did the Sprivia breather deal and it helped, but today took her to Dr., she has no fever and does not feel bad so I knew she was ok, but her breathing worried me.mother 126 I love this pic of us, we were at Clay’s wedding.  The Dr. gave her a breathing treatment in his office, put her on antibiotic and inhaler for immediate relief and steroids to dry up her cough.  So its at home in the house for her for a week, she has not smoked in almost a month! She does not feel bad but has labored breathing when she does any activity, hope she sleeps tonight last night she did not get much sleep. We ate Catfish for supper and she ate and ate, she eats good! Weighs 130, I am so thankful, remember when she weighed 84 pds.??mother 84 skin and bones,mother 84 pdsmother 84 pdsmother bag of bones so grateful for her weight mother girls

Tomorrow have a slower day, will be home and miss Amelia will come and spend the night with me.  Be watching the news paper Jared’s promotion will be in it, he is now the General Mgr. of the company he works for, so proud of him!!my boys my boys, so proud of them all!  Well watching the Walton’s with mother, so blog more tomorrow….hugs nite

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