Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Week

week has been so much fun, the first of the week I had spent the night with Sherry Maxwell my BFF me and sherry smailing  she is such a important part of my life, I love her, she is someone I can tell anything too and she still loves me, she knows me inside and out, and she keeps it to her selfSmile Hard to find! I am blessed with her sister ship!  Then Wednesday had a special lunch at the Victorian Tea room with my other friends, friends Sherry was there but she was taking this picSmile this is Pam Richey, Edwanda Ware, Dinah Lawson, we use to go to the Casino together about once every four months, have for years, always a group deal with Ed telling us when to eat, when to get up and what to doSmile Dinah is our baby, she just turned 50 this year, we totally cater to herSmile Ed is ready for a trip, but we said it will be awhile, she is 79 years old, so she said do not wait too longSmile I love these women, they are a special blessing in my life, all very different, Pam gave me this neat cross made with beads, so pretty will take a pic and post itSmile Then went to Mothers Tuesday at four, she was very irritated, she had had a hard weekend, I realized it could be the steroids the Dr. gave her for her Bronchitis , so I called her Alzheimer's Dr., he said it was and we added some zanax and it helped, that with a lot of prayers!  Thursday I listed a home and showed property, I spent the night with mother, a little better night but she was still confused, Hannah and Mark came Wednesday night, I was so excited, loved seeing those babies, been Thanksgiving since I had seen them!christmas 2011 032 I loved this throw they got me for Christmas, have it on me now, just smiled at looking at Blake smiling so big!!  It was difficult juggling mother, work and company but it all worked out.  Connie mother’s caregiver brought her over Friday and we had a wonderful family time for Christmaschristmas 2011 001 we ate, sang Christmas carols had gift 2011 009christmas 2011 022christmas 2011 028christmas 2011 048 Mother and I went back to her house for the night, her  home was so pretty, we had the best time talking.mothers christmas We enjoyed the fire and the Walton’s Christmas was on, we sang Christmas Carols, special special memories for me. Got to bed and talked some more, then up at 7:30 which is early for mother, by the time the care giver got there, mother had her shower and ate breakfast, I had cleaned the house got the sheets in the wash, Saturday is our sheet washing day.   Got home and had Christmas with Sean, Anna and Cole, Sean is getting a divorce in which I am sad about, but all I can do is pray,Cole Christmas 002Cole Christmas 006Cole Christmas 008Cole Christmas 014 keep him in your prayers, this is a very painful time for him, he sure loves his babies, he is a wonderful father.  After they left Steve and I went to eat at Our Back been a long time since I had been there, had a gift card, it was delicious had lobster cooked perfect! Then came home and went to bed, had my electric blanket on and just cuddled in for a long winter nap!  I had wanted to take mother and April to dinner and look at lights, which mother and I did that when her sister Connie was here, but I was just too tired to wiggle, so it’s a quiet Christmas Eve with Mr. Steve, we woke up and in our PJ’s watching NCIS.  We do plan on going to the 11:30 Christmas Eve service at church tonight, will be the first time for us to do that, hope we can stay awake, then tomorrow April will have her family Christmas with us!!beach pics thursday 019 April has always been a delight in our life, it is hard to believe she is almost 21 years old! She is so beautiful, inside and out!  I have had a fun, family filled Christmas, loved baking and making chocolate cover pretzelschrist1 had a shoe display Christmas 2011 010Christmas 2011 011Christmas 2011 015A slight spill of popcorn, that turned into a play in the popcorn! Hannah said had that been when they were little someone would have been in trouble, and I let the Grand babies play in it, although they did help clean it up.Christmas 2011 016Christmas 2011 017Christmas 2011 018 I am grateful for all my babies and all my family, friends I am blessed!  I hope you take time to have great family time and make some new traditions!  Merry Christmas!

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