Friday, December 9, 2011

Surprise Company!

We got home and Connieconnie profile called and said she was coming to Little Rock on Tuesday, she has a dear friend Larry who was a business partner with Jack, his back was in bad shape and she wanted him to come and let Darrell work on it, Darrell is amazing at what he can do to help backs, but totally unbelievable at what he can do to help frozen shoulders and rotor cuff problems, Connie could not even move her arm hardly and once she came and had to go to dr to get cortisone shot, then Darrell was working on me and told me he could fix it, so Connie came and went, and yes he fixed it! No surgery for her! Amazing! SO she and Larry got here Tuesday, we all went to Benihani's, a Japanese steak house, it was awesome, mother loved it, they put on a show as they cook for you:) Kay was going but did not feel well, so it was just mother, Steve and I and Connie and Larry.  Then Thursday we ate at Larry's pizza so Connie could have some Chocolate peanut butter pizza!! Then I made Veggie beef soup and had chocolate fudge cake and corn bread for their dinner Thursday night.
  We had our company Christmas party, mckimmey christmas 2012we went to Gaucho's which is Brazilian Restaurant and OH MY WORD, so much food, all kinds of meats! We had such a good time!  On Tuesday we had our office party, we party all the timeSmile mckimmey christmas 2012 2

I just was sad I had to leave Connie and Larry, but they stayed with mother for me, and Connie loved that! Larry stayed at the new Best Western here in Sherwood, he said it was real nice, tried to get him to stay at my house, but he felt more comfortable in a hotel:(( Mother was totally excited to see Connie!  We had a great visit and fun time, I will miss them! Today I worked and got caught up on things, got a new listing in Sherwood and showing property Sunday!! Saturday is our Averitt Christmas with Steve's brother and sisters, looking forward to seeing everyone!  I will post pics!!  Tonight I have Jared and Jenn's girls, Steve went and got a cheese pizza, then bath time and watching Lion King Movie, they have all fallen asleep:) totally enjoyed tonight, one night next week Amelia spend the night:)
well best get back to the movie...hugs and nite

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