Sunday, December 11, 2011


I awoke this morning with so much on my heart, so I got alone with the Lord, it was so sweet, I read where God is Jealous for ME!!!  I love knowing that our God is Jealous for us, He wants us to be quiet before Him and just being HIS presence.  I love my quiet times with the Lord.  I decided to do some study this morning on the word Jealous.  Its interesting, He is Jealous for us, not Jealous of us.  BIG difference.  The bible says who can stand in the midst of Jealousy, which from experience I have found that when someone is jealous in their heart of you, you will never measure up to their expectations.  With the Lord He is jealous for you, you have meet all His expectations, for one, He knows all about you, He made you! The Bible states, He formed you in your mother’s womb! The next wonderful thing He did not leave us to carry the baggage of our life, in saying that, I mean in my childhood there was turmoil, good times, bad times, all of us pick up hurts and the way we react and respond, as we grow older we learn habit patterns of ways to cope, some good and some badSad smile  God in His mercy made a provision for us to receive total forgiveness and mercy and be the very being He created! I have struggled with jealousy, when I see a tall thin person, I think why could I not of been born like that, or have friends who have the best of the best, or being the number one person in real estate, all kind of things to be jealous of.  When Jared had cancer it totally changed me inside and out, I realized what was important to me, its not the big houses, cars, money, skinny, etc..  I saw how quickly life can be taken…..when Cameron was tragically taken at the age of five…it changed me, I saw how quickly life can be taken……when Wyatt did not live, my first Grandson, I saw how fragile life is.  So I can honestly say I do not struggle with Jealousy of things, but I do have Jealous for loved ones, so I have a tad bit of understanding how God feels when He is Jealous over me and you.  I am Jealous over my family, I love, love, love them, I love being with each of them, I love my Grandbabies, enjoy and Jealous over each of them.  I have been so blessed with a wonderful husband and marriage, not that we did not struggle though it at times to stayed married, but I am Jealous over Steve, not of SteveSmile The trails we have had as a family have brought us closer to each other, and for that I am thankful.   Next time you feel jealous of something, or someone, they may have the family you wish you had, someone may have the job you want, someone may sing better then you do, etc., remember the Bible states no one can stand in the midst of jealousy, so settle it in your self and love you just like you are, you were made in secret by the Lord in your mother’s womb, no mistakes in your being, God made you! God is Jealous over you.  Look in your own life and see who you are jealous over or of, if it is of, then let it go, it will drive people away from you when you are a jealous person. Thank the Lord for what ever or who ever you are jealous of and ask Him to help you love what He has given you!  Hugs

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