Saturday, November 26, 2011

Loving Christmas!

One of my favorite times of the year is December, except for the cold and wet daysSmile which is today!  Friday we decided to chill and watch the Hogs play, so we got up early today before the rain and Steve brought all my Christmas décor in, I went to get Jared to help him carry it in, love having them next door, will for sure miss that if we ever change it.  Jenn was in her room not feeling well and the girls were watching a movie with daddy in their pj’s, so I said girls can you come and help me? they of course said YES!! Jared let them come bare foot and all, Jenn would have had shoes on themSmilechristmas and williams ranch road 001 (Copy)christmas and williams ranch road 002 (Copy)tree 003 we had fun, Laila was missing her daddy and the movie so they went back to finish their movie, after helping me unpack it all.  Steve and I finished it, really love Christmas music and the glow Christmas gives my home. The boxes have Christmas gifts for me to wrap, have to do that tomorrowSmile 

Thanksgiving was a very peaceful wonderful day with my children and grand children and mother, we ate and ate and ateSad smileThanksgiving 2011 001Thanksgiving 2011 004Thanksgiving 2011 006Thanksgiving 2011 012Thanksgiving 2011 013Thanksgiving 2011 015Thanksgiving 2011 016 Kay came and got mother and they all went to the Smith’s Thanksgiving, when mother came back I spent the night with her, she is too funny, she should have been exhausted, I was, but no she lay in bed and said are you sleepy?  I said yes, she said well I some times talk before I go to sleep, I said are you sleepy? she said no but I am trying to beSmile I said well lets talk! So we did….a sweet memory for me. I enjoy sleeping with her, she likes someone to sleep with her, she will look over to make sure your still there, to me I am not sure I would like that, because she may not know who we are, so that would bug me, as soon as I see her awake I say, hey mother, so she will know she is safeSmile April and Kay are the only people who sleep with her, so she may know us sometime and then she may not but she knows we love her and she is safe with us. 

Today I listed a home in Conway, it is on five acres and has a pond, it would be perfect for Hannah if they lived here.  It felt good to work, of course it was raining and I am thankful I had Steve with me, he did the out side things you do when you list a home.  Things are much brighter for me, I am finding peace in the midst of my storm, and for that I am very Thankful!

Mother’s care giver is off next week so I and mother and Steve are going to Louisiana to visit Connie and Mama and the family there, it will be short trip, we will be home Saturday, I have not been since Jack past away, Connie’s husband and really want to go and be with them during the Holiday’s too, His birthday is this Monday and their first Thanksgiving without him, makes it a bitter sweet time. 

Did I tell you I got a offer on one of my listings Thanksgiving day???? YEA!!! Very Thankful!  Well best get to bed, have Journey Church in am and then have work, work, work till I leave on Wednesday…..not complaining, answered prayersSmile hugs and nite

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