Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanksgiving mar 032  I have put daily on Facebook what I am Thankful for this month, some days I have not felt Thankful, then I would have a hard time thinking of something, after I would refocus my thoughts I could think of many thingsSmile  I am going through some hard times for me emotionally right now, just trying to keep one foot in front of the other, it is getting better for me.  I have been slow at work, my job is not a job you can do by just showing up physically you have to show up mentally, to be in sales, so with that said it has been hard at work  for me.  What does someone do when they have things going on in their life that cause them pain emotionally, and physically?  Here is what I do, I look at what is going on and why?  I ask my self, is it worth working thorough, then if it is, I began to see what ever it is from the other person’s point of view, then ask my self, am I the one with the problem or is it them?  If it is me, I make it right, if it is them I back away and give God time to make it right, there is nothing I can do to change someone or make them like or understand me, I have finally realized that in my life, and the group I do has helped me so much with this.  Coming form a abusive childhood I have become a peace maker at what ever the cost, I am and have learned not to react to abusive people, it may be just abuse from the way they speak to you, or the things they say about you to others and it gets back to you, what do you do?  I for one do not think some people know they are being abusive, I am sure I have with out knowing it, but when I do I make it right. When I say is it worth working through, I learned form Dr. Stevens that sometimes its not worth using my mental energy in that area, that it is not worth it and I let it go.  My most important relationship is with the Lord and He is who I want to please with my life.  I keep a daily journal and each day examine my day before the Lord, of course I am usually asking forgiveness for somethingSmile but then if I did not need that, I would not need Jesus.  This is one of the reasons I have not blogged, I was taught if you did not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all, so I have taken a breakSmile  I do think I have a better mental attitude and for that I am Thankful! Today at work we had our annual Th anksgiving Lunch for people we do business with, it was fun!                                                                 Thanksgiving mar 008Thanksgiving mar 010My office, I love it!! I have two desk in it, Steve works at this oneSmileThanksgiving mar 011Thanksgiving mar 058When I got home got my Averitt girls to come over and play with the McGill’sSmile Then some of the Haley’s came over so a fun filled afternoon with Grandbabies and I loved it, just what the Doctor ordered!  I am preparing the dressing and roasting the Turkey for tomorrow, Alicia and her family, Sean and the McGill's and April and mother are coming over, then Kay is picking mother up to go to the Smith’s, so a full day for mother, she will love it! Alex and Jared go to their in laws this year, I will miss them, it will be just a small group for me, I am ready to eat and chill for the day, then I will spend the night with mother and everyone will go home.  Steve and I will then put up Thanksgiving and decorate for Christmas, can’t wait!! I love Christmas! Already have gifts bought for everyone, so will wrap them and put them under the tree, glad I did it early this year.  I will post pics of tree once I get it up.  I am Thankful that I am making it day by day and looking forward to a new year, praying the Real Estate market is easier to get loans done, hoping Mother’s home sales, it will be much easier for me and mother.  Mother is really having sundowners and it is much worse, it is hard for her to express any thought she may have at night, she gets real confused in the evenings, it is physically and mentally exhausting being a care giver, but for sure hard when it is your motherSad smile Keep us in your prayers. One other thing, Steve is having surgery the first week of December, not a huge deal but still surgery, which I am sure he is not looking forward to, we will just be chilling at home for the month of December, but what a better time to do it, with all the Christmas decorations!  The Averitt Christmas is here Dec. 10th, this is Steve’s family then our family Christmas is Dec. 23rd with my children, so I will have it all ready.   Did I say I love Christmas???        Someone said to me today, Bah Humbug on Christmas, said it is too commercialized, I said it does not have to be!  So enjoy the month of December, do not get caught up in the stress of things that are not importantSmile  Hope all is well with you and your household and glad I am coming out of the valley!  I have so much in my life to be Thankful for and Thankful I realize it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                               Jesus

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