Monday, November 14, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Ok so Tuesday will be storms and raining here, and of course we have sales meeting and do property tour on Tuesdays, we go no matter what, so planning on a rainy Tuesday but will not let it get me down:) I worked on my big Commercial deal today, it will not close on time but still looks good. Commercial deals take longer, why I do more residential, I like quicker results, but Commercial will pay much much more:) so when ever it closes it will be a blessing.  I am still in slow motion, about not able to stand it, need to be busier in real estate.  I do not remember when it has been this slow for me, so pray pray pray it picks up:) 
I am looking forward to Hannah and the McGill's coming for four days, I have not seen baby Luke in a month and I do not like going that long without seeing all of them.  I am having to grow up and let them go, and its hard for me:(  That is more true then joking:(
Things here are good, getting my home in order, not for sure when mother will move in, right now her home has not had any showings, I have-not got any calls, so I am just keeping that before the Lord in prayer and feel when it is His timing it will sell and we all will be ready for the change.  I am thinking on a road trip with mother the end of the month, care giver is out of town and if I can I may just take her some where, she loves to go, maybe see her relatives or to the condo, not sure what, but if the weather is nice we will for sure do something fun:)
I have several things that have made my heart heavy, nothing I can really share but it is a struggle for me right now in several areas of my life, I am at peace, but still would like resolve in them. I think God is calming me in the midst of the Storm:) Never have liked Storms.......storm god.
Alex had such a blessing of a sermon Sunday, he is preaching a series on God our Redeemer!! It was so encouraging, he then preached that night at another church, he is friends with Pastor Marvin Barham, it was such a terrific time, God's presence was so strong, I just soaked it up.  Well have a full day tomorrow, then have step study tomorrow night, it will be over Dec. 13th, I will for sure miss those ladies.  yet I am ready to have Tuesday nights at home, I am so contradictive of my self, I want to be busy and I want to be home or at mother's....go figure:) hugs and nite

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