Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Roommates or married?

This morning I awoke and felt I needed to read Ecc. 3, so I did.  Steve and I will be married for forty years this next anniversary and we have been meeting with Pastor Marvin Barham to work on a defects in our marriage, now you would think after forty years you would have worked them outSmile but, oh no, God keeps sharpening us with each other.  I will always be working on my marriage to be the helpmate I am to be, it is so easy for me to be selfish, Steve makes it easy for me, he caters to me and when he doesn’t I do not understand whySmile

In our marriage we have been though just about every road block for a marriage I can think of and have always worked it out, this morning the scripture spoke to me, Ecc. 3:12,  “ though one maybe overpowered by another, two can withstand him. “


Now in our marriage at times it seems like were just good ole roommates and best friends, sometimes feels like we are on different highways, I am always looking for the road sign to make sure I am on the right road.  I love Steve with all my heart and soul, but he can really drive me crazy at the same time.  There are times I think, I just need to get away, we are together all the time, there are times he needs to get away from me:0   This scripture spoke so clear to me, when we are on different roads, or just roommates then we are not one. we will not with stand the darts of the enemy who is seeking to kill, steal and destroy marriages.  As soon I/ you see this in your marriage, go back to you mate, pray together, be together intimately, make time for just you and your spouse so you can complete each other, pray over each other, SO you can withstand the fiery darts against your marriage!  I wish I would of learned this at a younger age, but its today God showed it to me, I know I needed to hear it and wanted to share it with you. Love your self, forgive yourself, love your spouse and forgive your spouse, we all have fingers pointing back at us when we point them at someone……..Hope this gives you a fresh desire to pray for your spouse and be one with them in spirit and truth, because in marriage you are one, so walk in it.  me and my boogwwud

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Anonymous said...

I love this, and that is so true when you start pointing fingers just go to the mirror and say those things and see where that finger is really pointing..Hannah