Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great Tuesday!

Today was to be a day for me to be in a Motivational Seminar, but with all the traffic and no parking, Steve and I did not go, we instead picked up some signs on the home I closed and we put some signs up on some listings, then had lunch with Alicia, got to get a grip on my eatingSmile then worked and Steve went with Alex to a Pastor’s  meeting in Jonesboro, I went to my ladies group, which is going well, such a wonderful group of new friends, it has been life changing for us all, if you have never done a 12 step study, it is life changing, really helps you understand your selfSmile The good and the bad.  Now home alone and have time to blog!  All is good here, Jill has still had morning sickness and tired so keep her in your prayers, she is doing great with her pregnancy, just normal pregnant morning sickness. Working out when I can get Amelia and keep her over night so Jill can just rest, or what ever makes her happySmile   This is a easier Tuesday then last week for sure, this time last week I about did not even know my name, so glad it is more settled!

Mother is doing good, she seems more settled, I am looking at her moving in with us by the end of the year, dread it for her, but in the long term I think it is the best decision for her.  Some have said are you sure you can do that, my answer to that is you do what you have to do, I will still have a care giver during the day and when needed, but I do think mother will be happier, her mind will be stimulated more with more things to watch and do, but she will have her space to where she can get by her self and be quiet.  She will see Dr. Bradley in December and I think Kay and I will talk to him about stopping the Namenda, not sure it is helping, seems Alzheimer's is just taking its courseSad smile I and Steve have prayed this through and we know God will give us the grace and peace we need to be care givers, I am fortunate to have help when needed. I feel very blessed to have my mother still  mother 126 at Clay’s wedding, she is beautiful inside and outSmile 

Well guess I will go and get in the bed, been a good day!! Hugs and Nite

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