Friday, July 22, 2011

Resting and recovering:)

I had to hit the road running when I got home from Tenn., was tired but was so glad to see my grandbabiesSmile So once I had pushed my  self to my limit, I decided to take a Linda Lou AVeriit day, actually severalSmile  Need so down time and rest time and me timeSmile I am reading and praying about specific things going on in my life right now that I need God to do something aboutSmile SO it’s a me and Jesus time.  This am slept till 9am then got up laid at the pool, did water aerobics with some other ladies, then showered and read and ready for a nap:0 Tonight going out to eat, and then tomorrow more pool time and prayer time and rest time then home again, home again.  I have to have my time so I can refuelSmile  When I went to mother’s Friday she seemed so sad, she brightened up, we sang about the little brown church in the woods, looked a pictures, I cannot wait till that book I did comes, she will love it.  When I see her like that I know it is getting closer to time for us to live together, I am really praying on when that is to be and how to do that, just have a feeling it may be by the end of the year. I guess I may start bringing mother over to spend the night some to see if she can just move in like my home is, or will I need to rearrange things.  I do not want to do this till I know it is the right time, but just pondering on it allSmile well best go take a nap..hugs

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