Sunday, August 28, 2011

So hard to Blog:( where does my time go?

I love blogging, but I am out of the daily habit of blogging and it is hard for me to take the time to blog right now:(( Since my last blog, have sold some home's and closed on my big one:)  Thank you for  beck,april 002prayers, it was a battle that belonged to the Lord all the way to the end! I do not say that lightly, the home had a squatter in it, and attorney who was down on his luck and his family had moved into one half of it, keep in mind this is a Million Dollar home, the owner did not want them there, but her grandson let them move in, this attorney sent me the longest, ugliest, unloved letter, even bet his paycheck I have never opened a Bible:) You will be proud of me, I chose not to respond, but ask the Lord to defend me, he even gave me deadlines to meet or he would not get out, believe me I thought who does he think he is????? but for once did not react to his demands or his demeanor, which was far from professional. I had pressure from everyone to act on what he said so the deal would close, but I knew I could not respond and I did not:) handsIt felt good to just give it up and if God did it fine and if He did not then that was fine too, but I really could use the commission:) God came through, it did close:) I know I have never been called all what he called me, but I will continue to let God handle that:) The market has been real busy, I have closed over a Million in August, in which I needed. I am below my normal production this time of the year, way below, so keep praying.        me and sherry smailing   friends  I had a few days with my girl friends, Old pic, Edwanda was not with us, I really enjoyed my time with them. Pam's husband was on a mission trip and Dinah took off work, Sherry was off, we just ate, did I say ate??? and laughed and talked, shared our hearts with each other, a great girl friend time:) Came home to a wonderful weekend,off I was relaxed, that helps, I am so high strung, when work is so busy it is hard for me to relax, people will never know how stressful Real estate can be, until you do it, thankfully I have Steve who can pick up my work so we never miss a beat. Sean had Anna and Cole ready to go to a Rodeo,cole and anna 002cole and anna 003cole and anna 004cole and anna 005 Anna getting ready fro Deer season.  Today I had the pleasure of having Children's Church journey kids1at Journey, journeykids2it was fun, Cole in his hatSmilejourneykids5  Watching Video on Queen Ester, Amelia and he babySmile we worshiped with a DVD of Kids Worship, it is neat how children express them self, so free! Then we ate lunch at Moe's, then went to swim,cole pool1 fun day, colepoolSean and his familyanna pool came and Sherry came, Alicia and her family had ball games, in which Steve went to one, I had Jared's girls so he and Jenn could go out on a date, Sean had taken Anna home by then so he and Cole and all the girls and I watched a movie:) cole and anna 013
Mother is holding her on, Connie and Mama and Roy will come around the 9th:))) so excited to have them here again:) love seeing them so much. Keep Connie in your prayers with the loss of her husband Jack this has been a difficult time for her;(
Have so much work to do tomorrow, then Tuesday going to be in a Motivational Seminar that is here in Little Rock all day, work Wednesday and open house at Fairfield Bay on Friday, I should say condo:) Hannah and her family and Sean will be at condo for Labor Day, pray I sell the condo I have listed there:) SO a full, full week! hugs and nite

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