Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wonderful Week

Last Thursday Sean came with Anna and Cole and spent the weekend, it was wonderful having the time with Anna and Cole, Alicia was out of state and we took care of her plants and poolSmile so we went to swim dailymy 58th birthday 003 Cole loves the waterSmile pool day 008    pool day 007My Birthday was Saturday, Sean and Steve surprised me with a cake and balloons and flowers, cards, the balloon sings real loud happy birthday to the tune of hallelujah. my 58th birthday 002 if my cake looks funny it was beautiful with candles, and I held it up, like in the photo but had it in my hand and it slid off and fell in the floorSmilemy 58th birthday 001 was a mess. but we salvaged the cakeSmile  I had three friends, Pam, Dinah, Sherry come over and swim, ran everyone else offSmile a great girlfriend time, they would not let me take a picture of us allSad smile  Pam did pose real good, but did not get a picSad smile Today went to Journey Church had Journey Kids..journey this is my sweet AmeliaSmile  Sean and Cole went with us, Anna had gone to her mother’s. Sarah was in Memphis. I then cooked all morning, purple hull peas, squash, mac and cheese, home made chicken pot pie , brown beanslunch 002 home grown tomatoes, corn bread, iced tea, veggies from farmers marketSmile then we went swimming, Alex and Jill and Amelia came with usSmilepool jill jill pool love the one on one time with the boys.  Jared and Jenn have been gone and they came in tonight, the girls are here spending the night, yes I am tired but just wanted to see them tooSmile it had been two weeksSad smile tomorrow first appointment is 8am, which happens to be a massageSmile then off and running, have appointments all day, NPBOR lunch and meeting,  taking pics of houses, listing a homeSmile I also sold one on  my birthday, listed and sold it the same daySmile Then tomorrow night spend the night with mother and we leave Tuesday for Tenn.  I sure hope she does well, I guess if it is too much we will come home, a busy busy weekSmile hugs and night  sure got a lot of smiley faces!

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