Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home again home again

On our way home, on the road againSmile This has been such a roller coaster of emotions for me.  I love seeing mother see her brother’s and sister’s, friends, family. Yesterday we went to the train station, this is where we would ride in form Little Rock, it is so pretty now, still had same choo choo sharons 001character. choo choo sharons 002choo choo sharons 003choo choo sharons 004choo choo sharons 005choo choo sharons 006choo choo sharons 007sorry pics are blurry

Then we went to Sharon’s, we had a potluck, so what good food!  Tom and Sharon had hired a group to come and play, they play the song of the church in the wildwoods, it was so sweet, mother sang and sang, a lot of old gospel songs,some neat folk songs, and our old time favorite you are my sunshinechoo choo sharons 011 like being with old time country gospel,  such a memory I will never forget, they played Tn. waltz, mother danced with her brother Edsharon3sharonclogging, Connie taught me to dance with the door knob, taught, Tiffany and Sharon to clogSmile would love to figure it out. choo choo sharons 013choo choo sharons 010so many good deserts…yes I did eat someSad smile  We came back to house, packed and went to bed, got up at seven to be on road by eight, then on road realized time change, so we will get home a hour earlierSmile Today is Sean’s birthday and Laila’s birthday party,  April comes home tomorrow cannot wait to see her and hear all about her missions trip, I have missed her, even in being so busy with motherSmile

Have a busy week in Real Estate, appointments on Monday, Hannah and family are at the house, can not wait to see them and hold baby LukeSmile hugs and have a great day!

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