Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blogging my bells

On some good news, Miss April Rebecca Averitt will Marry Seth Harris Nov. 30th. at 4:00pm.  This is a total answered prayer and a God thing, if you know me then you know the story on this:) Steve and I are excited we have not planned anything yet except the date, so April will be back in town this week and we will need to do some planning, with her it will just be simple and sweet. Then all my babies will be married:) Lot of moving going on, Jared and Jenn have their home for sell. Sean and Sarah are buying a home, Steve and I are about to list our home for sale. April and Seth will be moving into their home:) So a lot of changes!!!

I had a wonderful weekend with my high school friends, much needed, we always feel safe to share our hearts, laugh, cry, wonder why and thankful for why not.
 We had a great weekend. 

When I got home I was running a fever with cough so that set me back some, seems like it is hard to stay well right now, so pray for me.  I am struggling with the death of Beverly and how it changes everything I do no in Real Estate.  But trusting God to help me:) I have at least quit crying so much.
Well no one likes to be a Debbie downer so lets get on the positive side of life!! I am starting to take control of the way I eat and exercise, Steve and I are starting to work out and eat healthy:) I take all kinds of vitamins, so does he, we are ready not to feel 60's:))) 
I love this time of the year, the Holidays are always so family filled for us, Thanksgiving will be at Alicia's and Christmas at Sean and Sarah's new home, if all goes as planned:)  We will go on a Company trip the first weekend of December:) to Eureka Springs for the McKimmey Christmas party, then go see Mama and Roy and Connie and Larry and Tiffany in Baton Rouge for three days. We always took mother in December and I sure want to see mama and Roy while their well:) Then just home to enjoy Christmas! 

The real estate market has been slow, I am making calls to stir up business, if you know of anyone needing my help have them call me:) I am praying for a busy November and end of the year:))  I am also praying I find resolution in some personal areas in my life.  Its exciting to think of moving, not knowing yet where too, but I will know when it  is time:) I want to cut back on the things that distract Steve and I, as we get older, esp. Steve being disabled the yard work is hard and the up keep, so looking for something easy:)) More and more I focus on the fact that life is so short, I want to live it at my pace and enjoy it the best I can!! I love what I do, and enjoy working with Steve side by side, drives me crazy sometimes but I still love it!!  I pray all find something to be grateful for this Holiday Season!! hugs

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