Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life will go on, one step at a time

It has been a week since Beverly's death, we had our sales meeting today, made it as positive as you can make it, we had good business this past two weeks:) There will be some major changes in the way we work, to make our seller's more secure and the agents more secure....its ashamed a  tragedy has to happen for us to realize how unsafe it is.  We have not let this paralyzed us but awaken the level of security. Pres. Clinton said today, there is nothing that can hold us back, but us, which I liked, the more educated we are in safety the more confident we will be and safer we will be:)

April who is my  youngest did move out Sunday, it was a tearful time, we helped her move her things to where she will be living.  Felt like what my friend once said, your throwing a gold fish in the ocean:(  My home is very quiet with just me, Steve and Lovie, but we are adjusting to it, not that April was really loud for those who know her, but just knowing not to leave the light on for her, or seeing her in the mornings, we miss her.

Getting my home ready to go on the market, not sure where I will move yet, but you know me, home is where I hang my hat.  It has been slow going on Jared's house next door, but it will sell, just needs the one buyer:) 

Last night we went with His Church, Pastor Sammons to see Left Behind, it was a good movie, I am so very thankful I will be one of the one's to vanish, if you have not seen it you should, its a intense movie, yet simple....just know your Bible:)  When you go through the last week like I have you appereciate the song, Give me Jesus!

Well got to go to Bryant to show a home, and put a sign on Alicia's new listings so best run:)  Excited to watch NCIS tonight:)    HUGS

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