Sunday, November 23, 2014

Almost December

Totally can not believe it is almost December, just does not seem real. Last year I had my house all decorated in November since we do Thanksgiving at Alicia's, but this year I have enjoyed my fall things so much, and my Pumpkin spice candle.  I have not even got a peek of Christmas out yet.....weird for me.

April and Seth marry this next Sunday, I am so excited, God has just done so much in both of them, we are thankful we get to be apart of their wedding, there were times she was going to marry when the timing was not right, but Seth could always understand when we ask them to wait, so its a blessing that it is now, they are both 24 and have dated since high school, broke up for a short while, but been back together for several years.  God is so good when we wait on Him and let Him do what work needs to be done.  If it were not for Jill I would be in a total panic but she has just helped me, she is the wedding coordinator:) and she is good at it! I am excited because Connie and Larry are coming, so some of my mother's family will be there:)  April has no grand parents left:(( 

speaking of that, we will have some of Walt's and mother's things in the wedding:)) I read a poem that said everything I thought while mother was sick, I want to share it with you:)

Each day I watched my mother walk,
I heard her sigh, I heard her talk.
She spoke of loved ones no longer here,...
I watched helpless as she shed a tear.
Alzheimer's was stealing my mother away,
and she grew worse each passing day.
She needed help with all her care,
from getting dressed to brushing her hair.
We’d cut her food to help her eat.
This once tidy woman was no longer neat.
She often seemed to live in the past.
Our daily prayer was, how long would this last?
As her memory went, I could only stand by,
frustrated and helpless, and yes...I cried.
Those who love her, she no longer knew.
how long till her memory was completely removed ?
Each day I watched my mother walk.
I heard her sigh., I heard her talk.
I watched daily as she slowly died.
I couldn't help her, and yes...I cried.

©2009, Jerry Ham

such a wonderful poem that really says it all.  I miss her all the time, I am just so thankful she no longer has Alz. but happy in heaven:)

Keep Erma in your prayers, my brother's wife, she had a virus that left her dehydrated, went to ER, to find out her heart was quitting, so she had surgery and had a pace maker, she is home now and recovering, she is doing good.  This should help her feel so much better:) You never know, had she not had the virus they would not have known, and her heart would actually quit, she was pass out/faint like, but did not know why.  She is such a wonderful person, always doing for some one!
My sweet brother and Erma

The McGill's will be here Wed. night, can't wait, then Wednesday we have our McKimmey lunch for Thanksgiving, we feed about 300 people at our office, always
nice to see people we do business with, we have done this for years.

Then Thursday family dinner, Friday I may do Christmas, Saturday decorate for wedding, rehearsal and dinner then  Sunday big day for sure!!!  Monday Dec. first......I will be ready for a break, in between all this, I work, but I have four legs and fur arms:) Steve is always right there helping me!
Now I have made my self nervous wondering how we will do all this, I am tired! Got my self all worked up before bed, hope I can sleep and hope you do too! love and hugs

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