Sunday, December 14, 2014

My life:)

November 30th was the big Wedding day for April Rebecca Averitt and Seth Harris! 

  It was such a fun wedding, it would not have happened with out Alex and Jill, Jenn and Hannah came through like troopers!! I am blessed with my children in all their help! 

April and Seth dated five years, had planned to marry many times, but the timing was  not right , this time Steve and I knew God had them ready for marriage.  so very thankful.  I was totally wore out form all that to leave the next week end for Eureka Springs for our company Christmas Party, and a weekend of fun festivities it was!
 Byron and Marilyn McKimmey's home is Eureka, they had Limo's bring us from all expense paid hotel room and weekend.

 Rear View
 Picture above mantle is Byron as a baby with his grand father
 The town is so unique, caroller's
 Old fashion Christmas
Room with antique toys
This was such a lovely party and weekend to remember! I work for the most giving bosses!
We left there and went to Baton Rouge, My Mawmaw's husband Roy passed away peacefully and unexpected.  He loved my Mawmaw and all of us!


Menzie, me, Mawmaw, Gavin, Connie and Tiffany

Roy and Mawmaw

My beautiful Mawmaw

 Me and mawmaw at Pier one:) love her so much! Mawmaw is a strong lady, the Lord is her strength, please keep her in your prayers, and Gavin will have major eye surgery Dec. 24th, he needs your prayers.
We drove 1154 miles in that week, but it was all so worth it. love my Mckimmey family and my Simon's family!
This has been a very busy month so far, I decorated for Christmas yesterday, but have decided for the first time in my life not to put up a tree, we will go to Alicia's for Christmas and Steve and I are just to tired to go all out, we did not put up the lights either, makes me sorta sad but I now understand when people do not put one up. I never understood that.  Last night Hannah who is a coupon guru, sent me to target in Little Rock and I got ALL my Christmas for $120 dollars, I had a price match deal, 20% off coupon then cart wheel it, what ever that is, it rang up $859.84! I paid $142.70 and Hannah is buying back $22.00 for some of it!  It was such a answered prayer, I have been out money with the wedding, then trip, which was only gas, Connie and Larry are great host, but I have some upcoming expense.  As you know this has been a sad time for me too, I am still struggling with depression, I am having to go back through all mother's things to be ready for court with my nephew and sister and it breaks my heart, I am not worried about it just heart broken, then I have another personal issue that is private, but I am need of major prayers. Both have affected my health and I just need to get this all behind me and be ready for 2015! I think I will name it staying in alive in 2015!  Thankful ALL shopping is done and I have a wonderful family who love me!

Merry Christmas to all!


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