Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Its been cold here still and I am so sick and tired of it, I loved the few warm spring like days that we have had, but in for a cold wet weekend:((.

We had a fun Banquet,  
had over a hundred people come to our pre and after party,
I even stayed till midnight, which is like major for me:0 Steve and I worked so hard in getting everything prepared and set up, Sean and Sarah helped too, we rearranged all the HEAVY furniture so it would fit our needs:) I had went to list a home that Saturday am and then showed property in LR till 2 ish, went home loaded the rest of what was needed and headed to the Hotel, then unloaded and was on our feet till we got home, my legs were hurting so bad! Sunday I had the nursery at Journey Church, I was not sure I could even lift a baby,  my arms felt like jelly they were so tired, Steve was too, we came home from church, did not even go eat and went to bed with a house full of company:) I was still tried Monday and had to have a nap.  Finally felt back to normal Tuesday. But all in all it was worth it, just getting old :(

Today I was up before the crack of dawn to be at a FOX 16 which is aTV channel here, I was a contestant to win a trip to 2014 Super Bowl, air fare and all, it was at McDonald's in Little Rock, I did not win but appreciate the opportunity to try:)

After that, I worked then had lunch with our niece and Alicia, Susan Averitt is Steve's brother's Biff's daughter, she has her own clinic in Fayetttville, she is a Brilliant Pediatrician, For Real! Then my other niece,  Steve's sister Dottie's daughter Terrah Alexander had her baby boy today, so we all got to go by the hospital and see them:))

I had three closing today in between all of this fun:)  Closed on a home of someone that was friends with my mother and her children my friends since birth:)  It is a home they had lived in all their life here in Sherwood, always hard when someone goes to assisted living and I watch their children go through so may changes as well as their mother, but they all did great, they met the buyer I sold it to and loved them, made the lady feel so much better, knowing her home was going to be loved. I do enjoy my career and helping people I love:)

Well I am off to bed, tomorrow I am getting me a much need massage, Steve and I are spring cleaning and I have Amber who cleans for me coming on Friday....thankful for paydays, makes my life much easier!! Tomorrow night is cleaning at Journey Church, I have opted to keep the grand girls and let the younger ones clean:) Plus Anna will be spending the night, so spaghetti it is for dinner and a movie:) love having them come over:))

Something I am excited about, we will do a family vacation in Aug and Jared and his family are going, we will got to Destin and stay where Alex and Jill are at:) YEA!! I can't wait!!Not sure what all children will get to go, hope all of them!

Hugs to all and to all a good night!

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