Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This has been a full week, Monday night was the only night home this week, on Tuesday we had our first Journey Church Ladies night, we will meet monthly, the second Tuesday of each month, I am excited about it, I have wanted to be involved in our ladies ministry at church for a while, just had to wait on God's timing.  We went to the Fold to eat, which is Mexican and very tasty!! Next month I will host it in my home, looking forward to that too!! Then Wed. night we had out last bible study on the book Follow Me by David Platt, it has been a good study, we will be doing the bible study that goes with the book Stolen next, it is about lost dreams, bet it will be good too.  We meet with Church of North Hills on Wed. nights, my boss and his wife got us involved in that study when it was on Heaven and we have really enjoyed it.  Then on Thursday night we have Journey Church home group, which we eat and discuss scripture, its a way to get closer to your church family:) Tonight we had a Valentine's dinner, Kevin and Sandi went all out making it a special dinner.

Tomorrow I go to a breakfast at 6am :( with my high school friends, got them all a little Valentine candy! Do not even like going out that early, it will still be dark, but do enjoy meeting with them all! I graduated Parkview High School in 1971, so its a long time to still be able to have those friends and renew the friend ships!!
Work has been slower then I like, have been busy with agents and brokering and listing homes this week, I did  have two closings which was nice!! Have three next week, so I got to get more for March so far only two, I like to close four a month, last year averaged one every four days I think, I close 64 deals so you can do the math:))  Totally trusting the Lord to have a good year this year too!  All else on this home front is about the same, glad for sun shine and warmer weather!! One thing we can say for sure is

Happy Valentine's day to you, remember these three things and spread some love!!  hugs!

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