Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great end of August and beginning of Fall

Had a wonderful time, we left Thursday and went to the condo, showed property at FFB Friday am, then put on PJ's and stayed in all afternoon, it was blazing hot!  To hot for pool for me:) We went Thursday afternoon then rested Friday afternoon, then Saturday got up and went to Jonesboro to see Alexandria cheer.


 Alexandria looked so beautiful, she just shines, she rolled her ankle so pray it heals quickly:)

All hotels were sold out in Jonesboro and we made reservations at the only one with two rooms, well there was so much loud and rowdy people there was no sleeping and we had to get up at six thirty to get home for church and the Haley's had a ball game with Jack man.  Needless to say we would of been better just to make the two hour drive back, but we were creating memories and we for sure did! Got in town for a great msg, on prayer Sunday then headed back to the lake, went out on lake Monday with the Haley's:) Miss the others but its nice when it is a small group too:) 

 Sean and his family had Given's family reunion with his wife's family,  Alex had a family deal with Jill's family, and Hannah stayed home:) then Jared was with Jen's family and April had to work, she did get to go to Jonesboro:) My Lovie luv went too:)
Of course right when you would go to sleep she heard all the ruckus and would bark:) For sure a college town!  Came home last night and had a exciting sales meeting today, we are starting a listing contest with making teams, so you can win individual for your efforts and then the top two teams get a Limo ride to Author's Steak House here:))) So you know me, I will want our team to win, be battled it out against Alicia Jean:) and that team and three other teams:) Today was a easy day for a Tuesday, got home about five which is a miracle for a Tuesday! Feels good, my  friend made me home made peanut butter ice cream and I have enjoyed it!! So So good!  Now ready for bed, have listing appointment tomorrow and Alicia and Michelle are doing a Motivational class tomorrow:)  Today in sales meeting I surprised my self, we were to role play listing a home, I was the agent and another lady was the seller, this was to let the agents see us in action and get some ideals on how to get listings, when we started I got so nervous, I started shaking, totally surprised me, I have gotten so use to speaking in public, and do sales meetings all the time, but for what ever reason that made me so nervous:) My hands were just shaking, so I just said, OH MY, I am soooooo nervous, look at me shaking, which was a shock to the agents, but I was, just goes to show we are all human and if I can do so can they:))  It went well and was fun, but been there done that do not want to role play in front of the company again:) Just such a strange reaction for me, guess it was because I had no ideal what the other person would say or if I had a come back for any problems, which she did present and I had the answers, you would think after being in this business since 1986 that I would not even blink twice at role playing a listing interview. But it was a fun meeting.  Now home and rested and ready for bed:) So glad it is fall, even if it is still hot, it will be the fall schedule:) We have a bible study on Wed. night on Proverbs, the our home group with Journey starts this Thursday:) Have a busy week with listings, closings and offers:)  A 31party Saturday at Jen's then a fund raiser for cancer Saturday evening, then church and open house on Sunday:)   Hope you have a great rest of the week!! hugs

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