Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vacations, Gotta have them!

As I was growing up my daddy worked a lot, mother worked outside the home and my sister and I had a nanny at our home, in which we did not care for too much:(  I never remembered taking a family vacation, I did have fun times with my daddy riding horses and with mother going to Chattanooga to see her family quite often, had great Roger's family reunions every year, but never a family vacation.

When Steve and I married we both loved the water, swimming, and lakes, at that time I had never  been to the beach so I did not know what I was missing:)  Once our children got a little older we started taking family vacations, Steve worked 80 -100 hours a week, which is almost night and day to provide for us, so we barley saw him, but when it came time in the summer we went on vacation, it was always fun and we never really had the money to go but we always made it a priority so the kids could have their daddy time.  Plus we had family time, some times we only went to Hot Springs for the week, a lot of vacations had to be in the winter during Christmas break, but the kids loved the indoor pool and racket ball and Basket Ball. 

Vacations are still very important to me, as you probably know:)  We try to go with who ever can on a family vacation in the summer then again the week after Christmas,  we go some where close after Christmas so who ever can  go with us or come and visit a few days.

If I ever win the lottery the first thing I will do, after I make my children Millionaire's with me, is take us all on a family Disney Cruise....that would be so much fun!  Amelia is ready to go and we may have to do that with them even if we do not win the lottery:)) 

This has been a much needed week for Steve and I at PCB, Steve and I work about 50-60 hours a week, I know you would not guess that in Real Estate but that is what it takes to be successful in this career, thankful we love it:) BUT we still need some down time and we take it,  this week has been a God send for us, I always love my time with Connie, she is like my sister not my aunt, we have laughed, shopped, ate,
swam, about could not get out of the ocean and I have loved every minute of her being here, we went to Senerity Spa, which was out of this world nice, got massages, did a steam bath, whirlpool, sauna, I told her we had all the toxins out:) then we went and laid at the pool, came back in sat in our chairs and totally relaxed, it was wonderful!! 
Steve has played golf



with Larry which he loved, we have played cards and dominoes, things we do not take time to do at home, I have loved the sunsets this week, just have had perfect weather!

 I love her!

Today was a beach day, we fought the waves together:) Tonight is  Steak at Angelo's! I am ever so thankful for this time with my Connie, she has been a rock for me these past few years, she loves me and I love her, we can miss mother together and laugh at some fun memories that we all made!

Growing up when it was time for our family to leave Connie would be crying, not just crying but bawling, she has always done that, so now I already make plans to see her again so neither of us will cry:)  So Come December its to Baton Rouge I go so we can see Mama and Roy and Tiffany and her children too!! I love my family, we made it appoint to take mother to see her family when she was living, I am sure she is looking from Heaven today laughing so hard at Connie and I trying to get out of the Ocean, this man and his wife were trying not to laugh, he ask, do we need help, BECAUSE we were both laughing so hard and falling down not able to stand up in the waves, I knew we had to separate to get out, so we could quit laughing, I told him it was ok to laugh and he and his wife just died laughing which made me laugh harder, finally I got my rear out and then I was going to help Connie but could not quit laughing, I decided to walk away so she could get out, the man said you sure you don't need help and I said if we can ever quit laughing we got this, then Connie got her self out:)) I am sure it was a sight, but it sure was fun!  Hugs and have a good rest of the day! Sorry no pics of our getting out:) 

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