Monday, August 19, 2013

WOW! Where did Sumer go?????

Life is flying by it seems.  The Real Estate market has been so busy, I have worked some long hours since coming back from vacation, but it is paying off, will close over a million in Sept. and have closed a lot already in August, have not added them up, but its been a great month!  I am excited to keep my production up, I love the income but I love meeting my own expectations too:) Meeting my goals, by the end of this month I will have closed 52 deals which is major in this business, by the end of the year I should average closing a deal every four days!  I love when I can add that to my stats! It sure helps in getting new business!  God is blessing our hard work and pulling deals together for us, Thank you Lord!

We went to Hannah's this last week, Steve went up Wed, night, I went Thursday night, Jack went with Steve, it is so nice to watch the kids just play forts, hunting, on the trampoline with the chickens, shooting snakes....EEEEEKKKKKK!  They are out side from day light till dark and come in hungry and ready for bed.  So wholesome! They have their building that they got the shell form Southern's and then they built it them self, so proud of them, Hannah has her home looking so nice, you could eat off the floors! Plus she had all her laundry done, which was major, when I go I always help her with laundry, I like doing it, this time she had it all caught up. Steve and Mark worked on the four runner, it is getting ready to be sold so they can buy a tractor for their land, Hannah has had it since she was sixteen:)

I am trying to post pics but their is a pop up add on my photo link, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! May have to go off and then add them:((((  We are on our way home this am, have loads of work to do, listing appointment at 3:00 pm and lots of paper work on five offers form Thursday and Friday.

All is well in our household, Alexandria has settled in at ASU and loving it, Alicia and Bob are missing her:( the kids who go to school started this am, all looked so cute in their pics! I will post when I can:)

I do not have Anna's yet, Cole and the other Averitt girls are still at home and Luke man:)
As for me, I am still going trough some heart hurts but God is being faithful to me, all I can say is so be it, its all in God's hands.  I have missed Journey Church for two Sunday's straight and I really miss it and the touch God always gives me when I am there. Looking forward to our fall schedule and home group meeting again.  I have enjoyed a bible study I have done at the McKimmey's house on Heaven lead by Pastor John Sammons, it has been so good, the last night of it is this Wednesday.  I will miss it, but have loved the book and the study, meet some new friends in the Lord!

Wow I just looked up and we are in Conway! Yea almost home, there is no place like home:) I am looking forward to my visit with Connie and Larry in Sept., Steve will love having his golf and fishing buddy again!!  My motto is " I work hard so I can play hard "..........then my next new words for my life are "So Be it"  Goes along with the Serenity Prayer!   Hugs hope you all have a great day!

My dear friend  is having Vickie May Ibrahim her surgery today for breast cancer, please lift her up in prayer, this is Derol and Ann's daughter.  Also  Missy who lost her husband and has three boys and Jennifer Ezell who lost Denny a year ago and has four children, my heart hurts for them today.  Hugs to all!

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