Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here I raise my Ebenezer - AnotherThink

Here I raise my Ebenezer - AnotherThink

Click on the Here I raise my Ebenezer to see the article I am referring too:) I said that for people like me:)

Alex has been preaching on Ebenezer, I thought what is Ebenezer??? Since I had missed the first Sunday, I was in the dark.  I thought not sure what it is, then last Sunday when I went, I thought he said when preaching it was a a time of hell, I thought well I do have those times, but when it went on the over head it said HELP:)  So read the article and think on the Ebenezer's in your life:)

I do have a few, I think as you are older you may have more, one of course is when I was saved, one when I married, God for sure reached down and put Steve and I together and has kept us together. The next would probably be when Wyatt my first grandson was premature and did not survive, the next when Jared had cancer, the next when Steve and I had a major marriage malfunction, the next my mother having Alzheimer's and passing away.....which brings me to today:)  In all the areas, they were life changing to me, shook me to the core of my beliefs, I questioned the Lord, I wanted to run away, I turned to myself for my own way of coping, I put myself on a defense mold of survival, which means I shut others out, GOD WAS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN FAITHFUL to me, He knows me inside and out and knows how I will react, He listens to me, hears my cry, He leads me to the rock that is higher then I, which is HIM.  I was so angry in some of these times at the Lord, I questioned him, fought him, begged him, then gave into the fact there is nothing I can do, I have no place to run, Jesus is all I have and He is the only one who can help me, falling at his feet, I surrendered to him over and over and over again.  Yep these are my Ebenezer's!  I am sure I will have more Ebenezer's in my life as I am only 59:) but one thing I know, He will be faithful to me in it all, always is, always has been and always will be.  What are your Ebenezer's?  can you see past where you are at?  If not know that God has you in the palm of HIS hand, a lot of times, we question is God even real, is this just something I believe because I was taught this, is the bible even real?   Then we have these times when everything will fail us, but the one thing left standing in our life is the Lord, yes He is real, yes the bible is real and yes, you will know He holds you in the palm of HIS hand!!  Hugs

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