Saturday, January 12, 2013

WOW Jan 12th...........

I rang in the New the tune of being sick with the flu, been in PJ's at home since Jan.1st., I do not even know anyone I was  around that was sick:((  But its in the air.....

I have literally been in the bed or on the couch or in my chair, I have worked what I could from the house and used others legs:)  Missed our first sales meeting of the year:(  Our kick off meeting is this Tuesday, since I was not even around the office, it has all been planned, normally I take part in it all, it feels good just to walk in and not have anything to do, also feels good to know others pick up your part when your sick.

Which reminds me..............something that was said to me along time ago, in a marriage it is 100/100 not 50/50...........due to the fact it will not all be covered if one is falling short, but if you both give 100% then it is always covered:)  How I feel my co-workers are for me.  Very Thankful

Getting loans closed this month, on Wed., I thought I felt better went to a closing, Steve went with me, good thing, I got a migraine and was so sick could not wait to get back home in my bed, realized I was not as well as I thought, so I did not get out again until Friday, was weak but listed a home, need it sold by Monday:) no fever since Thursday am, feeling better today, can tell I am not at 100% but much much glad!  No one likes being sick. The only good thing is it has helped me get back on healthy eating habits!

Rain, Rain, Rain today here in Sherwood, it's a quiet morning, Cole man spent the night, Sean and Sarah were here early to get him to go to Stuttgart. Cole fell asleep last night on the floor playing, I want to post pics but for some reason my blog will not let me, gonna have to figure that out:((  During the night, he whispered NANA, I said what, he said, are aliens real?  I said no, did you have a bad dream? he said yeah...I said then lets think on your four wheeler and at pop's house riding it, he said ok,that is a good dream:) SO SO SWEET!  Max had a serious eye infection which put him in the ER all night, they did IV antibiotics and he will go back tomorrow for another round of IV antibiotics, it started swelling, Mark took him to a clinic, who gave oral antibiotics and drops but told Mark if it got worse go to ER it would be serious, so at 2am Hannah called and was coming here with them all, thought he may have to be admitted and she has no help there, but decided to go there and if he had to be admitted she would come here, so thankful he is ok:)

I have a listing appointment today, and showing a home, pretty light day which is probably still real good so I will stay well.  Tomorrow church, which I can not wait for, I missed last two weeks, and then open house, wish it would sell today:) 
Jared and Jenn have a weekend alone, her mother has her girls, so fun for them:)  not sure if I said the BIG news.......Alexandria got accepted to University of GO HOGS!!! She is so excited, she will try out for cheer leader there, she is working hard on getting her self perfected to meet the requirements to be a HOG Cheerleader.

Not much else going on, still missing mother, but still receiving God's grace, be glad when days can go by without missing her:) I do not remember missing daddy this much, but I was much younger 18 yrs old, so I am sure I was caught up in me.

Looking forward to a good year in Real Estate! Setting my goals for 2013, personal, spiritual, business. Figuring out what to share with the company at the Kick Off meeting, we have a guest speaker but I  will share on Never Giving UP:) got a good video of Alexandria making a perfect example of working hard to succeed:)  I need listings, our market is down on homes for sale, have more buyers then help me pray em in!! hugs and make it a fun day!

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