Sunday, January 1, 2012

no more Christmas

Christmas as well as other Holidays are always in our heart, but I love to be able to express them in my homeSmile  with that said I have taken down, stored away all Christmas.  I thought I might be sad but it actually brought good memoires of this past month.  We have had family from Louisiana here, we went there, McGill’s came and stayed a couple of days, Sean and  his babies came a few days, had all my babies in for Christmas on the 23rd.  I am ready to be able to have my home back in order and for what ever 2012 brings.  2011 was probably one of the most learning years about me of my life, also one of the hardest.  Since I have been in real estate I have always been in the top agents in Arkansas, this year I did not make that, nor did I make it in our company. Yes, it does bother me, not that I am not top but that I failed in returning calls and making this business work, it has been a year of sadness for me with mother, I am trying my best to focus on the positive but sometimes I do not win that battle either. We have had family issues this year that have hurt us all, we are working through them the best we can, I have realized that I am a peace maker and what ever the cost I try to please others, this has stopped in me, I realized that I take on others problems and will fix theirs when I make problems for Steve and I, this has stopped.  I have taken time to examine my life this year, change some behavior I have, let God heal me of wounds, help me to understand why I want to fix people or even think I canSmile  So 2012 is a new me, if I could I would change my name, that is how different this feels to me, it is a good thing and I am in a good place, looking forward to rising to the Top in my field if that is what God wants for me this year, I know one thing, it makes a BIG difference in my budgetSad smile  I like it better when I get paid more, but really have learned to live on less.  This Christmas I did it all for under a $1000 dollars…..a first for me. That is everyone!  We all have too much anyway.  We were able to help Open Doors ministry and the UAMS house, it feels good to give to ones who really need it.  A lady who past away with cancer leaving five children and her husband, our Company helped her, every agent gaveSmile  I baked some gifts, and made some gifts this year.  So my motto this year is out with the old in with the new, good bye to 2011, lets have a wonderful year in 2012, what ever it may bring our way, I have learned God has it, He will provide and see us though it!

Mother is much better, we met with Home Health care and she will have their services for awhile, she is doing good, keep her in your prayers, my Aunt Connie’s Grandson Gavin had a fireworks go off in h is eye, it is serious and they need your prayers, so please pray for him……

Again Cheers……here here to 2012!!!

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