Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year, New Goals

We had our annual kick off meeting, I shared a illustration that Alex had shared in church, I had a pail, in which I wish would of be clear but could not find one, then I put in some BIG rocks, ask is the pail full, all said no, the put some big rocks but smaller then the biggest rocks, ask was it full, all said no, then added more rocks and sand sand then ask, they said yes, what do you say? No, I added water, my point to this, In our life setting goals personal or professional we have to put the big rocks in first, if we do not then they will not fit in later, the big rocks are the goals that set the foundation for us to use the smaller rocks to get there… take a big rock ( goals)….set it..then take little rocks for the steps to attain it. Such as One big rock in personal life, lose the rest of my weight, little rocks, exerise, diet, water….etc. As you look at 2012 I encourage you to look at what is important in your life, spiritual, personal, work..then write out the big goals, let home be the foundation for you. Then find the smaller goals to help you attain the big ones. Most people who write out their goals will have a better chance of attaining them, it helps to have someone to be accountable to, meet with them to stay on trackSmile

I have taken time to write mine out and give them to two people to hold me accountable, hope this helps you identify your goalsSmile

Now my personal life, I have felt so much better, mother is doing really good, I had her home open Sunday and think I will have it sold. All the family is doing well, we went to Hannah’s Thursday for Blake’s Birthday,DSCN9051DSCN9053DSCN9054DSCN9055DSCN9056DSCN9057DSCN9058DSCN9059DSCN9060DSCN9061DSCN9062 they were ready for bed when we did the cake and gifts, Hannah had taken Mark to have surgery so we waited on them to get home. Then Steve and I came to condo to have some alone time and thinking time, we needed it. Its cold here and we have just stayed in,other then to eatSmile Got my goals written, put listing in computer, did some paper work that I needed to get done.

Keep my family in your prayers, moving mother will not be easy, it’s a lot of change for everyone, we need your prayers and the Lord’s wisdom. Steve will preach tomorrow at Journey Church, can’t wait to hear what the Lord has put on his heartSmile Hugs and nite

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