Friday, January 6, 2012

Can’t sleep

so many things going on in my mindSmile So I am up and figured I would Blog…..last blogged about taking down Christmas, it is down and Valentine's is upSmile I love decorating for Holidays, the LOVE month, plus I like red.  This week the Real Estate market has picked up!  I am so ready for busy busy work days, phones ringing off the wall and making hay while the sun shines.  I got that cold stuff mother had, then I got a stomach virus that was a killer, but only 24 hours and its gone, I stayed away from everyone so no one would get it, but Steve was near me, hoping he does not get it.  Mother has a nurse that comes to the house once a week, then a physical therapist twice a week and a aide to bath her twice a week, this has been so much help.  Her home was shown today, praying for God’s will on the sell time, I am so ready and yet so not ready…….if that makes sense.  I was making plans in my mind tonight as I lay beside her in bed, thinking when I move her I just need to get a hospital bed, she fell out of the bed the other night, scared Kay and bruised mother’s arm and hand, but all are ok….thank the Lord.  We got the seat for the commode so that will be easier, and a bed rail for her bed.  I just remember Lou Holtz saying having a game plan and that is what I am trying to do, stay a step ahead of this disease, giving mother the life she deserves full of love and attention, she is my Princess now, actually I call her, Miss Aster…as I am rubbing her feet or propping her up……she plays the role out well and we have a good laugh.

I am worried about Kay’s heart, she has PVC’s all the time, she has a pace maker but these spells make her so weak, she stays so active in her church, or try's too, so pray for her too, also my brother Jimmy is having shortness of breath, he has a heart cath Monday, so keep him in your prayers.  That heart cath was awful, I will never do that again in my wrist, my arm would wake me up hurting for a couple of weeks. Praying all will be clean with his as mine was…..guess we are just getting olderSad smile

Gavin had surgery on his eye, he has a long way to go and we are praying his eye ball will be saved and his sight restored.  Nothing is to hard for God! 

Ready for our company sales meeting this next Tuesday then we have a big Kick off the year 2012 meeting the next Tuesday……ready to put 2011 behind me it was a depressing year but still full of blessings, like my Luke!!  In March my Sidney Faith Averitt will be here, can not wait!  Guess I will go get back in the bed……hugs to all and good morning and good nite!

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