Monday, January 30, 2012

Going to make it:)

Lord Help, Steve and I can barley walk, we have worked so hard getting everything moved and this house ready, we laid in bed and said can you believe we did all that today??? It has to be the Lord giving us the strength, sure can tell I am older, I hurt all over the other night, today it hurt to walk, felt like I had been to boot camp:) which I need:(

All is going well with the move, mother appears to be really happy, she keeps her self busy, speaking of busy my work has been crazy busy which I am thankful for:) The first night I was up and down like a yoyo checking on her, I really wanted her to sleep in her room and bed, the second night I was a little better:) now with the baby monitor I can go to sleep and not miss a breath:) love those monitors!

Just wanted to update you, we are all doing good:) keep my aunts grandson in your prayers, Gavin he needs them:) hugs and nite

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