Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blogging Break

Just bring you up to date, this has been a good year, just flew by! I can not believe it is December 1st 2015!
I see the pics on Face Book of nieces and nephews, growing up way to fast. Alexandria will go as a exchange student to Spain, yes Spain this new year, Victoria is going to Costa Rica with Journey Church in February on a mission trip, Jack is a teen now! Alicia has had her best year in Real Estate, I am so very proud of her, Bob has stepped up to the plate to fill in as mom and dad sometimes:)

They are a beautiful family.  Sean is going through a divorce, which we dread, but seems to be the way it will be, Cole is so cute and so sweet, he is so easy to keep, very sweet little boy, Sarah and Sean have done great in raising him and keeping their differences between them. Anna is 15, absolute beautiful,

Cole lost first tooth
I have seen her a lot this year, Sean moved in with us to help with Steve having surgery, he has since moved in with Jimmy Jr., but he usually is here when he has the children on his weekends. Alex and his family moved to Oklahoma City Oklahoma, so I lost my Pastor and son to a Sooner State. They have a beautiful home and have adjusted very well, he has preached at the church they have joined, would not surprise me to see him Pastor a church there, they go to a church that has a lot of out reach to the homeless, really a neat church and wonderful Pastor who Alex has as a friend now. Jill and the girls have adjusted too, she just hosted a friends giving in her home:)
Hannah is still in Van Buren, they will be country folk for the rest of their days, can not even fathom her living in the city again, they are doing great, Mark is a Post Master,
Max and Alexandria

 Mark and Hannah
Max has play foot ball and has a girlfriend:)) He is growing up was to fast, spitting image of Mark. Jared is still next door which I love, their girls are doing great, Jenn stays busy with them and the school.
April and Seth have been married fro a year, he is going to welding school and working, she is still at the Baptist hospital, no babies yet or anytime soon they say:) They just got notice to move, their land lord sold their rental, so for a few weeks till they find something they will be at his Nanny and Pops.
My Lovie dog is two years old and such a part of mine and Steve's heart!!

Real Estate has been good this year, our market is rebounding, Steve is getting more involved, we are enjoying working together.  We have had some real blows with him having hip replacement surgery
and will have knee replacement surgery in 2015, right now we are trying to just eat healthy and get some weight off and get in better shape. I have had a lot of stress this year, that has made me physically sick, which really aggravated me, to think stress can do so many things to the body is crazy!

I was surprised by Connie and Larry bringing mama to Fairfield Bay in November, I had the best time with them, learned to play Rook, and loved it!
I think we went in every little nook and cranny to shop and look around:) This is a hard time of year for them, Roy past last year this time and Tiffany past in Feb. last year, they are hanging in there, my mawmaw can run circles around most of us! 

We had a family fun filled Thanksgiving, we went to Alicia's and watch ball games, talked and ate:) then went to the movie Creed, it was good. I took all my fall things down and put up Christmas, this was the first day I got home form work early and just sat and enjoyed the tree and watched The voice, it felt good. It's colder so it feels like Christmas is in the air, my favorite time of the year.
Our company party is this week end in Eureka Springs, looking forward to that. Their Christmas parade is Friday night so I bet it will be neat, such a neat town! Then McKimmey party is Saturday for dinner, the McKimmey's go all out in their home, called the WHITE HOUSE in Eureka.  Then its back to go to Fairfield Bay for a dinner on Wednesday with the Golfer's Steve plays with, they are all so nice and I enjoy them. I love Fairfield Bay, just a step back in town.  Then Steve's family Christmas the 12th., my children' and family Christmas the 19th., so busy till then then it slows down, for Steve and I, hope to visit Derol and Ann May during that time:) We will have a family time after Christmas, still in the planning then ringing the New Year in with Steve's Sister Patsy and her husband Donald, and my BFF Sherry Maxwell. Excited what next year will bring.  Praying for the resolve between the Smith's and I, we are still at odd's. I love my sister and her family and miss them, but a hard year of missing my mother this year too.
My brother is doing well, had some scares to his health this year but he and Erma are doing great!


I am thankful for being closer to Jimmy Jr
and his son and Sherri and her family, these are my brother's children.
  God brings different people in and out of our lives, and I love them all.  I pray you find time this Christmas season to love and enjoy the people in your life, make time to see those who can not get out, go to them, life is so fragile, as I get older I realize how quick it passes and we are not promised tomorrow or know what it hold, instead of this is the first day of the rest of your life, live as this is the last day of your life, then you will make sure all know you love them:)) Hope to blog more during this Christmas Season!!
Almost went red but still gray!

Alicia made me this and I loved it

This Christmas Season I pray you can leave a little sparkle every where you go, love to all!

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