Monday, January 4, 2016

WOW 2016!

As I work on my goals and hearing the Lord on what He desires for my life I am astonished at the fact I tried to set goals without even thinking of praying for His wisdom and guidance!  I pray all the time, but I was shown how I also run out on my own all the time.  A good reminder to seek God in everything I do.

Well I was at a standstill in doing my 2016 goals, when in the shower yesterday I realized why, I had my thoughts but forgot to get God's plans for 2016:) The Bible is very clear, He knows the plans for me, so with me being with Him today I am now working on and setting my goals for 2016, it is amazing how I can forget HE IS IN CONTROL! I will have spiritual, physical, family and work goals for 2016, then I will send them to my accountable partners. I believe 2016 will be a year of Jubilee for me! Jeremiah 29:11 My 2016 Verse Love 7-14! The year of Peace and Reconciliation

I love having quiet home and peaceful presence of the Lord nudging me to come to Him and find His will for me, I am not a religious person but a very dependent person on Jesus, I do not like rules and honestly feel they are to be broken, because there is always grace,  BUT some RULES remain no matter what I think, I have learned that the hard way several times in 2015.

Last year, funny to call it that:0 was a hard year for me, I had started it our in 2014 of December with some real problems, that problem turned out to be a very positive thing in my life and helped me change for the better.  It was a year of real stress, I had heart problems, had knots so bad in my neck that my throat felt like I had strep throat, even my aorta vein was stressed, I had gone to ENT knowing I had a major throat problem, after going to my Primary care physician and he not knowing what was wrong after a lot of test, the ENT said , it was stress....I said you mean to tell me my throat is raw from stress, he said your throat is not raw but you have your neck so tight it is affecting you as if it were raw, also the lump in my Thyroid was stress, which made me not be able to breath or swallow right. My low heart rate and blood pressure was stress, you would think it would of been high, but no, way too low, which takes all your energy away. Plus my back was out and I had hemorrhoids, which I had not had since giving birth, they are a real pain in the you know where.  I have been to see more  Drs. in 2015 then any year of my life.  I was so mad, I had tried to give everything to the Lord and know He is in control but my body still held onto the stress.   

This was a major wake up call for me, I could not live this way, at church that Sunday God had Pastor Kevin pray over us, I got on my knees and was fighting back that ugly cry, BUT Pastor Kevin kept praying until God could break through my pride, it was one long ugly cry but it felt so good to let it all out and leave it with the Lord.  Pride gets in the way of everything. God gives grace to the humble.

You know as a mother of Six, with all having spouses and 14 living Grand's, Steve had major hip surgery and will have knee replacement this Jan. 20th. My lawsuit with my sister, whom I miss and love dearly, many other battles last year, I had come to the place of thinking I may not make it through all this, BUT God knew me and He knew what it took to bring me to a place of brokenness.  This has been a year of tears for me, which are cleansing.

2016 starts out broken but in a good way, I still have the same battles, although some have been resolved, still have six children and the grand's  and one less spouse, Sean and Sarah will be divorced tomorrow. My mawmaw told me that you can only do what you can do, if you can not do anything about something then let it go, there is nothing you can do but pray and that is what I pray I hang onto for the rest of my life, Mawmaw has been through a lot and she is strong in her faith and a strong woman, I am praying I let it go....I was told if my name is not in the first three words then it is not my problem.  I am the type person who likes to please and have peace with everyone but that is not always possible and I have to learn to live in the midst of this world.  This year I am praying I will be sensitive of when to act or just pray:)

I am excited about my work, I have some direction for it, I am working my business on referrals, so if you know of anyone ,any where in the WORLD moving please give them my phone number or have me call them!!  Business is good, and should be a good 2016. For the first time ever I am not in the top five of our company, which stings, I am number six, been in real estate since 1986 and a member of the Million Dollar club and now called the Awards of Excellence for 20 straight years, I am learning, which is hard for me, I do not have to be at the top, I just need to be where God has me:) I am so proud of Alicia she in number two and made the highest level award this year in Real Estate!

In my family I am letting each solve their own problems, and I am here for listening and prayer and unconditional love:)

In my marriage, I am married to my best friend and we will work on our marriage daily.

In my church, I will ask God where to give of my self and my time and money, pray for my Pastor.

In my physical, I am eating healthier and getting the rest of my weight off this year,  being more physically active:)

I am giving it all to the Lord and I know He will fight my battles for me, and that I can trust him with all HIS children!  So hello 2016!

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