Monday, July 13, 2015

My passion, my heart, my family

So much has happened since February. Not sure where to start:) There are times in the last few months I was not sure I would survive, but have, God is always faithful to us.  There have been some family issues that have broke my heart and kept me in prayer and fasting, God is answering these prayers, Jimmy Jr, My nephew live with us he came almost dead and is now living on his own, still has to have health care but is much better, I felt like The Lord said bring him in my home and He would help me care for him, I knew first hand how hard it is to do that, since mother had lived with me.  Jimmy was much easier because he had his mind and could care somewhat fur him self. Jimmy has rheumatoid arthritis and type two diabetes, he is stable now still in wheel chair but working toward walking again.  I had major dental work done and survived it, will go back the 27th, Dr Lane gives me two pills to take and I do not remember nothing...perfect for me!
Steve had hip replacement surgery and is doing well, its been 12 days and its just now getting better:) He still will have to have a complete knee replacement as soon as he can. so its a slow summer for him and it is for sure a hot one:)  I am so ready to go to the beach I can't stand it!! Alex and Jill moved to Oklahoma City, its a beautiful home with a pool, I love it, hope to go see them again in August, I miss them and Hannah and her family, not one for not having my babies close.

Our Passion is what keeps us going, and my passion is my husband and children, in loves and grand's, they make my life.  My brother and I are close and enjoy each other, I lost my sister and her family three years ago when I lost my mother. I love them dearly and miss mother all the time. Can't wait for Heavenm so our hurts we have done to each other will be resolved. I love Connie my mother's sister and miss her real bad, I know she is hurting in the loss of Tiffany and that makes my heart for her, once Steve can travel we will see her, he loves her as I do.  Miss my Mawmaw too, talk often but need their hugs.

Work is busy and it makes it hard since Steve has been so sick, Anna and Cole stayed with him, Cole fixed his lunch:)  I love having them here but it sure feels good to just sit here and be quiet:) Got four listings and wrote three offers last week:)) Thank people brought dinner to help.  It goes with out saying that The Lord is my life and hope and next breath I breath, He is my passion and I am thankful for all He has given me!

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