Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanksgiving, a time of Thankfulness

November is a wonderful month that I love, then comes December that I really love!  This is my favorite time of the year!  I have put out my fall decor as you know if you read my blog, and can not wait to put out Christmas!!

 This month there have been several things in my life that have been very emotional, I have done some soul searching and reflecting as a Child of God, a daughter, sister, mother, wife, child, friend, Realtor.  I have been accused of some wrong doings by a family member I love very much, it has been very painful for me and for them, in dealing with that I have reflected a lot on my child hood, letting the Lord use this time of pain to bring the healing He wants to bring in areas of my life, so He is working it all for my good.  Its not over and not sure it will be this side of Heaven, I will never understand it all, but I hang onto the fact God is in control and He is my defender.

Then as you know we were going through some things with April and Seth, Seth was able to come for a visit this past week, and it was such a answered prayer, looks like there will be a wedding in the future if all goes as planned and Steve and I and Seth and April are all on the same page! This is a real answered prayer for my family, if God is for us, who can be against us!

Have another family deal I am not free to blog about yet, but it is emotional too, so my plate has been full of healing and me letting go of the things I can not change, letting God take the wheel:) I have learned this week
that I had unforgiveness, bitterness, hate in my heart and I was able to give it to the Lord and forgive the best I know how.  I was able to realize I can not change what other people say or think about me, true or untrue but I can live each day knowing God knows me inside and out, He formed me in my mother's womb and He and I are ok.  There is a saying in Celebrate Recovery "to do the next right thing", and that is what I am doing in all of this, receiving wisdom from council, knowing I am trusting in the Lord for the out come of all these things I have shared, on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand:)

My daddy went to Heaven 41 years ago this coming Sunday, Nov. 10th., so I went to the cemetery today with Steve and put out new flowers, a time to reflect, I know that my daddy and mother and Walt are in Heaven, I have no doubt they are proud of me along with my Heavenly Father.  My mother and Walt loved flowers so I bet they have their Manson full of all kinds of flowers, daddy liked them too, but not like mother and Walt did!

Steve's parents, his daddy past away when he was 11 and his dad was only 52:(

Yesterday I went back to some old home places of friends
The Beasley's

where I lived on Cedar when I was under five

Aunt Otis's

Aunt Verna's and Uncle Herbert's, lot of memories there:)

 was neat seeing the homes and having such fond memories, not to say all my childhood was a bed of roses, It wasn't, but I choose to let go of what lies behind, thank God for His healing and move forward to what lies ahead:)  I always told my children, God healed me of my childhood and I am trusting Him to heal you of yours, only perfect children can expect perfect parents and only perfect parents can expect perfect children....Thankful for a Savior!  We all come from a some what dysfunctional family, which brings me to my next point, if we are always in the victim role we will never be a survivor!  So next time you have the poor me's think about the good me's, do not let your self be a victim,  there is so much more life in being a Survivor!  And that I am!!
A rose is all alone on this almost dorment, dead rose bush in my yard, shows me there is always fresh new life in the midst of death!  When we may be in the worst time of our life, God gives us a Rose, so look for your Rose today, he is faithful to see us all though our emotional times and bring healing to our souls!

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