Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just a Blogging on a rainey day......

Last blog was the first week of November,  we did go to Hannah's last week, had a great time, went to church with them Sunday, really enjoyed our time with them, we had our last bible study this year with Church of North Hills which is not where we go to church, but some great friends of ours go there and we have enjoyed a bible study on Wed. nights with them, it has been in our home for the past six weeks, I had all my fall décor out and decided to do all my Christmas to share with them, so it is up and ready for Christmas, I love Christmas songs, they are so peaceful and I love the joy that Christmas brings to my heart:)

Our crazy love tree:)


 My Lovie
We have had many homes, we have had big and small, a pool, acreage, horses, dogs, pond, lived in the country and the city, one story, two story...etc.  I have to say this home is one we bought for investment purposes, we totally gutted it, it sits back on the lot about 75 feet and a acre lot in Sherwood, its only 1800 feet and we totally love it, it is one of my favorite homes to have lived in:) Sure there are some things I miss in this home, such as a fireplace, garage, but it is next door to my son and his family, and I love living here, longest I have lived anywhere in a long time:) Being a Realtor I move a lot:)  I have a large living area and kitchen is big so its easy to have people over:)
Steve and I talk about moving someday, probably when my son does, not sure we will move depends  on who buys home:)   I wanted to share my Christmas with you:)
Today is such a rainy day, I have cooked dressing and I have decided I do not like to cook it before Thanksgiving, I only make it once a year and I know why today, it is a task!! BUT when I tasted it and it is not Thanksgiving, I thought ohhhhh  I will not be so hungry come next Thursday for Turkey and dressing, but who knows I may be:) I wait all year for that taste:))  Guess I will be making it again next Wednesday:)  We will all be at Alicia's for Thanksgiving, I am looking forward to that!  Tomorrow we will have Peyton, Laila and Mika for the weekend, we will go to Hannah's tomorrow, they have not been so hope they enjoy the country life:)  I know they will love the camper.
Lovie has been going to school, actually Steve and I are learning about Lovie , how to help her understand what we need her to do, she is so smart and so far it has bee very successful! We have two more classes to go:) 

Work has been too slow for me:(  I am working but I really like to be busier then I am, but it has given Steve and I time to get the leaves up and decorate our home, he hung the lights too! This is the first for us to have it all done this early, I have had Amber help me with the heavy house work, so the house is real clean and looks great, I am going to enjoy the décor this year:)  Can't wait to go see The  family in LA. the first week of December:0 Can't wait for my babies to all get here Tuesday for Thanksgiving:0 Love all this family time and this time of the year!! Bet I will be dog tired after Thanksgiving, it will be a quiet house again and I will need Amber's help again but its all so worth it!  Hugs to all and to all a good night!

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