Saturday, November 2, 2013

I love Fall!

Wow I just do not remember when I have seen the trees look so color full!  They are just beautiful his year, they say we are in for a bad winter, although I love snow too, for a few days so I may like a bad winter:)  I do not like being cold though!  I showed property today in Little Rock then came this afternoon to Fairfield Bay to show property tomorrow, the tress were so pretty even thought I missed their peak time.

This tree is fire red in its peak


my view from the couch:)

I love coming to the condo, it is so calm and just a step back in time here at FFB.  We ate at one of our favorite places tonight and I am so full, Steve brought home a huge piece of chocolate cake and yes I ate some of it too!  I am so ready for bed, but time goes back tonight and its just 7:34!  Tomorrow we are  showing property here:)   Only bad thing is we will miss our Journey Church:( will have to get it on line, but that's just not the same as in person.  We had and amazing Harvest Fest, Jill and Jennifer Averitt planned it and they just out did them self, I think it is the best yet! I came home tired and forgot that I had a breakfast meeting in the am at 6:00 with Parkview friends:( I was awake but remembered it when I saw a post on face book:( They meet monthly so maybe next month:)
Seth Harris will be coming Monday of this week to visit, we are looking forward to that, we have not really been a round him in a long time, he and April are planning on a wedding this spring.  No date for sure yet, but coming:)  God has done a real work in all of us on this one:) He is faithful!  Have some other things He needs to work out for me with family members, but I know He can.
I am getting excited to get to see Mama and Roy and Connie and her family, we will keep our tradition and go in December to see them, we started it taking mother, now it just helps me to be with them:) Makes Christmas, Christmas!  I plan on seeing Derol and Ann May some to during the Holidays, I miss not seeing them! I pray this season will be a time of fun, friends and family!  I love this time of the year!  Well got work tomorrow so getting in the bed and calling it a night! Enjoy the trees and the fall air!!! hugs and night!

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