Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you Lord!

All I can say is Thank you Lord fro this real estate week, we went to condo Thursday last week, cleaned it real good, the went to the pool some, never made it to the lake, but got the condo so clean! It needed a cleaning by us:) the came home Sunday and have not stopped running, we have got six offer since Sunday with them all SOLD!! I have some great listings and they are selling! All I can say is Yea God! We have worked 14-16 hr days, and I am dog tired right now, but suppose to write another offer tomorrow in Conway.  In between all the work I go the the nursing home to see mother several times a day, I just run in sometimes and sometimes I can have some time to just stay, but I always check on her at different times, when I went yesterday I was noticed she had lost bottom tooth, so this am she went tot he Dentist, I was nervous about it , I can not stand having anyone work on my teeth, and was nervous for her, its a bottom tooth, she has dentures upper and partial plates on bottom jaws, in which I have not a clue where the bottom are, haven't known, but the four front bottom teeth are almost all loose and deteriorated, i dreaded it if they have to pull them, the Dr said we would just watch them if they hurt he will meet me anytime to fix it, so please pray they stay like they are and will not hurt, so far no pain.  
Mother is going to be in the nursing home long term now, this was such a hard decision for me to make, so many times I want to snatch her up and bring her home, but I now she is at the place where I can not do it and neither could Connie my care giver.  It is just too hard and mother has digressed so fast.  I do enjoy my role as a care giver in just loving on her, making sure all is taking care of, doing all the fun things with her, it is nice to get the CNA to do the hard things.and I do get them to help with anything that is hard or mother may not like, then I can be the one who just loves on her and makes it all better!! I have been able to run by and play bingo or go to different social times with her that the nursing home has:)
Well big news on Hannah and Mark they are buying a home in Van Buren, they are real excited to finally feel settled in, it is on 14 acres, has four bedroom, two baths and a shop, had deer come up on property as they were looking at it, I know it will make a huge difference just settling down calling it home! I can not wait to go see them.  well going to call it a night, went to bed last night at 8:30 and its almost 11 now, Steve and Jared went to see the batman movie so I waited up for Steve to get home, stuffing my face withmexican food:( but boy was it good! Keep my mother's brother's wife Elva ( my aunt) in your prayers, she is having some very serious heart problems and will have to have surgery in Nashville at Vanderbilt's, this is the brother who lost his daughter Candy not too long ago, so we need a total healing!    Got ts get to bed....hugs and nite

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