Friday, May 30, 2014


As I laid in bed this am, I watched Steve sleep, I thought of how God interrupted my life by placing Steve into it. I was in love with someone else and planned to marry someone else, Steve was in the Navy, with plans to be a Navy seal. THEN God introduced us, all plans changed and we married a few days later.  As I looked at him sleep this morning, I thanked God for interruptions. I know He had planned A Godly generation and blessed us with six children, 15 grand children, that would not have been here had He not interrupted our life.

Sometime we wonder interruptions, always remember God has a plan. I am so think for my husband, God knew the one I needed, when we married I in no way understood, love or marriage, but boy today I do. He is the one for me to grow older with, I know He will will be there for me, try his best to understand me and love our babies like I do.  God thankful for my interruptions in my life that you have brought me through.

I love you Lord and trust you in all interruptions, so thank you that you love me enough to always protect me, perfect me , keep your Angles in charge of me. Thank you for seeing my heart and forgiving me when I do my own things, Thank you for always bringing me back to my first love which is you and for giving Steve who loves me like I am:)  Amen

 I love you Steve Averitt!

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