Sunday, May 4, 2014


I have had a little break from blogging, blogging is a way I express my self, its more for me then the readers, it is therapy for me and I love going back a year two years or what ever and read what was going on then and seeing what has changed since:)

Since March so many things have taken place, for one, Alexandria Grace Haley was in the Miss ASU pageant, in which she has one week to get ready:) Which might have been ok, EXCEPT Alicia was leaving the day after we found out to take Victoria with school friends and their mother's to New York, Victoria had worked for a year to save the money and pay for this trip, in which Alicia had been sickly with her blood work going crazy, her Thyroid or her no Thyroid ( was removed when she was 18) meds was not working, she was totally exhausted, but had made this commitment with all the girls and Victoria, so she left, did the best she could.  I am thankful they have this memory of that week, it meant so much to Victoria:)

     SOOOOO I helped Alexandria, Pageants were not something I knew much about, but we learned real quick:) Of course it helps that Alexandria is so talented, and beautiful! Yes she won!


She was in total shock!  It is off to the Miss Arkansas pageant:)  Which as wonderful as that is, it is very stressful at the same time! 

  This is totally out of our arena, we are asking for Sponsor's to help with the cost of this Pageant, so if you want to help please do:)) You can mail a check to Alexandria, call me for her address:)  Alexandria is blessed to be given this opportunity of a life time, I know God has us all here for a reason:)
The next hurdle we climbed was Jack had a tumor that cracked his heel bone, this was a scary time in the midst of every thing else going on, he had surgery and no cancer so we were very excited!

To say the least Alicia and Bob have been under major stress, which they have done well enduring it all:)   
The week before Easter Steve and I went to PCB, for our anniversary, met mother's sister Connie there, always enjoy my time with her,
 it helps being with her in missing mother, my font changed for some reason so bear with me:) We have made this a annual trip:)))
We had a fun family filled Easter, I forgot to get a pic in front of the blue rabbit, and the blue rabbit blow up died this year:((((  All the kids were there and we had a feast and awesome Easter egg hunt!
Peyton is going to be Alexandria's Princess in the Miss Arkansas Pageant!
 she did a boot camp last Saturday! She will be on stage, they take a real role in the Pageant!  Looking forward to it, June 15th through 21st.
This weekend we came to condo to get it ready for summer, we have worked and rested:) Saturday was four years since Walt past away, so hard to believe how life changes in a minuets notice, Mother's birthday is May 9th., I miss her all the time. But I know we will be together again, that she is happy:) So it makes it bearable. 

 Walt and Alicia
 love this pic of mother:)
This past week we had major tornado's with so much destruction, it was just so hard to see and know what the people are going through and still going through,  people came together, they have totally gone all out helping. This is where Victoria and Alicia helped.  Just so sad and no answers for the people.  All I know is the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Looking forward to a full week of work, a while back we had a contest, my team won, so we are going in a Limo to Author's a wonderful steak house here on Thursday, the other teams have hot dogs and hamburgers at the McKimmey's:) 
Here are some random pics, Anna, Cole and Sean  got in the water today at the pool, it is ice cold:)

 look how Anna and Cole have grown:)
 14 years old, Anna Averitt
 I bout forgot for the first time in my life I sprang my ankle, yes, I was a big baby, it hurt!  My love luv was right beside me:)  Steve took good care of me:) It is well now so I am ready to list some homes and sell some!  If you know anyone moving any where in the world I can help them, so call me:)   I rested my feet this weekend:)
Love the condo, it is still for sale, not sure what I will do when it sells but will figure it out:) Doing some updates to it, painting interior, changing drapes, cleaning out all drawers and cabinets and lining them:)  Moving out some furniture, just making changes:)  Hugs and I hope you had a wonderful weekend and ready to tackle your week:) 





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