Saturday, January 24, 2015


Well January is almost over, so hard to believe! I had a fun time in Jonesboro  with Alexandria, as she gave up her title and crowned a New Miss ASU.  It's just fun and exciting to watch these young ladies work hard and then to see who wins, I always make my own Judging sheet, I did not pick the winner that night but had the others:) Then to drive back home and have that special time with Alicia and Victoria, it was making such good memories! 

Steve and I have been busy with work, which I am thankful for, November and December were slow. The weather is suppose to be great this week,  I am tired of cold and dreary and wet! I had rather have snow:) Today Steve and I were looking for some paper work we could not find and went to the storage building, found the sleds, so hope we get to use them:)

Alex and some of our church members are on a mission trip in Costa Rica, please keep them in your prayers.  Please pray for Kay, Clay and I in our court hearing this Thursday. This is very painful for us all, so pray God's will be done. I will be thankful when that hearing is over. My niece Ashlee, Steve's sister's daughter will be having both lower parts of her legs removed Feb. 10th, she is in her 30ths., I am praying for a pulse in her legs and God to heal her, we plan to be there for her and Patsy as she has surgery.

I am really missing Connie and want to go visit so bad, but have to focus on work, then I can play later.  Ready for the beach!  Mama is doing ok, Connie and Tiffany are with her a lot to help her in her grief of Roy's death. Mama is a strong woman, and God is her strength. Pray for her.

This has been a week of missing mother, going through all her things for this court hearing has let me go back though a lot of paper work, which is bittersweet, but it has helped me let tears and grief out:) SO it is good.  Well all my family are doing well, Hannah's goat had a baby:) April and Seth are loving married life, Alexandria made the Chancellor's list!! Victoria has said she wants to go to ASU too! They are all growing up way to fast!  Just hard to believe!

Well hope your week will go good and I pray the Lord blesses and Keeps you in perfect peace! Hugs and night

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