Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This has been a wonderful last week and so far this week of Grands:)  Last Thursday as you know I had some of the Averitt girls, then this Sunday night we went to Hannah's with Cole and Jack and Victoria, we had a great time, the kids played till the rain came out side, then we cooked, baked a caked and watched movies:)  Olivia was so upset wanting to see me, last time only Steve went down, she thought she was coming to my house when Sean and Sarah left Sunday but they did not have another seat belt, so she was some kind of disappointed, so we loaded up and went there, I almost could not sleep so excited to wake her up the next morning:)  She was happy!
So was Luke, he just screams Nana, NanaNana, daddygand!! Olivia was my shadow the whole time there:)  We went and got hair cuts:)  Hannah drives me crazy, giving the boys a crew cut with her  clippers, so Max and Blake got cute cuts and Liv got her her trimmed:) Then went to Walmart:)
This am we cleaned the camper and had to install a new toilet, which I love, got some new rugs and hung some pics, getting it ready for deer season, for me:))  Cleaned the carpets, windows, so it looks like new:) Went to Walmart and got a foam topper for our bed, it slept so good, plus it rained all night and I slept real good! 

This morning got up fixed one eyed monster's
for breakfast for the grand's,  fry a egg in the middle of bread and toast it in the skillet:) then the McGill babies went to school and we came home, sweet Cole cried when Jack got out of the Cole, he said I just wuve my cousins:)  Cole is so easy, he is just about perfect when you keep him:) you never have to correct him, he eats good and sleeps good, very polite:) So proud of him:) Really all my Grand's just might be near perfect:))  Anna will come over next Tuesday after basket ball and spend the night, looking forward to just laying in the bed and talking:) she loves that too, she is growing up way to fast!!!! Then I will run her to school Wednesday, so then I have had them all but Alexandria, with her at College I just have to text, talk and FB right now:)  Well Mr. Averitt got him a new toy, he had sold his four wheeler last year and have been looking for one, especially now Deer season is here, but he had a price he could pay for one, and today on FB one of my friends had one for sale, TADA!!
 love his smile:)


He is excited:)) Early Christmas and Birthday!! Maybe Anniversary, NAH not anniversary we got to PCB for that:)) Can't give that up!   Well got appointments all day tomorrow, listing 30 acres  in West Little Rock, getting loans closed and selling house I hope:)   So excited it is getting so much cooler here!!   Have Bible study here tomorrow night, excited about having people in our home too:))
Random Pics:)
 Our first 3D Movie:)

Peyton's many faces:)

My Life:) I love it!

Pretending to be asleep:)


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